Cross-Cultural Advancement Service Packages

Program Member Audience Core Benefit
PrepTalk Clients seeking to gain insights and skills necessary to interact effectively in a multicultural setting. Reversal of prejudicial attitudes and strengthening of relationships that cross the lines of difference
Team Culture Clients seeking professional development for those people charged with the responsibility for diversity efforts or for monitoring cross-cultural climate. Create an enterprising cross-cultural advancement team.
Diversity Designs Clients advancing cross-cultural understanding by increasing involvement and participation of members on all levels. Establish a comprehensive framework for conflict prevention and facilitation conflict resolution. Create sustainable diversity-friendly environments.

Programs and Services

Additional Services

In addition to providing three all-inclusive cross-cultural advancement service packages and a variety of cross-cultural enrichment programs,  CulturePrep also offers the following services to augment our clients’ ongoing cross-cultural advancement efforts.

  • Keynote presentations
  • Cross-cultural conflict mediation
  • Classroom instruction
  • Conference development
  • Full/partial project support
  • Cross-cultural coaching
  • Cross-cultural climate survey