The Safe to Relate Advancement utilizes a variety of methods to support client’s cross-cultural learning objectives.

I. Participatory

Designed to encourage individuals to actively share ideas, resources, opinions and brainstorming. Thinking together critically, people share experiences and gain empathy.

What people hear, they forget
What people see, they remember
What people do, they learn

II. Integrative

Multidimensional factors in Personal, Relational and Systemic dimensions of cross-cultural development. Identifies and defines these views independently and collectively. All three work in a symbiotic, circular dependence.

III. Sustainable

Focuses on development of cross-cultural advancement goals and benefits that provide impetus for ongoing commitment, enabling individuals to have an impact on their situations long after their CulturePrep experience.

IV. Practical

Translates concepts in theory to practical skills-development and applications.

V. Comprehensive

Examines the complexity of factors (historical, social, economic, political, situational) that generate and perpetuate cross-cultural conflict.

VI. Measurable

Establishes criteria and mechanisms to evaluate effectiveness of outcomes versus objectives.

VII. Goal Oriented

Learning modules contain clearly defined objectives and goals for both individuals and organizations, all committed to improving cross-cultural relationships.

VIII. Sequential

Each new step builds on the previous step:

1) Personal
2) Relational
3) Systemic

IX. Dynamic

Continuous change in all three dimensions.