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Course Map Introduction Safe to Relate Advancement Model


Personal core learning module explores several basic aspects of people’s internal realities and their implications for cross-cultural understanding and expression. As the first step in an integrative approach to cross-cultural advancement, the Personal learning component instructs that people’s enrichment in this area will directly impact both their outward expressions across lines of difference and the soundness of structures that support a diversity-friendly environment.


Relational core learning module examines the dynamic process by which healthy cross-cultural attitudes are translated into outward expressions that reflect open, non-bias, respectful and positive interaction with people across perceived cultural barriers. The comprehensive development and activation of such skills are essential building blocks not only for improved interpersonal relationships but also for a proactive effort to design organizational structures that welcome diversities.


The supporting systemic structures can be internally fortified by building upon individuals’ improved personal cross-cultural attitudes and behavioral skills, in addition to activating a plan outlining diversity-friendly policies and practices. This core learning module helps clients translate personal and relational cross-cultural development to meaningful systemic reform.


The Safe to Relate Advancement Model is a comprehensive approach to improving cross-cultural relationships, a total approach to ongoing improvement in all these factors that interact to create cross-cultural change – Personal, Relational, Systemic/Structures. And it is symbiotic – a circular dependence between the three factors. If there is no growth Personally, there will be no substantive change Relationally. And ultimately, the Systems won’t change if people’s attitudes and behaviors don’t. This learning module investigates the interplay between these factors and seeks to bring Inward Realities, Outward Expressions and the Organizational Architecture into alignment.