Our Story On Uganda


1999 Founded and began work with Kiyinda Mityana youth Empowerment
2003 Peace builder of Year Award for USA/Uganda School Partnerships
2009 Feeding Program launched at HELP primary school in Masese Uganda
2010 Sine and Dine fundraisers began with Colorado Ballet and Cental City Opera
2010 Sales and Promotion of Culture Cates launched by Tawnya Rush (Meals in a Rush)
2016 Launch of kisima Islands School Lunch Program
2016 Uganda childres receive delivery of stuffed animals from Build a Bear
2018 Uganda children receive delivery of Art kits from art of the Nations
2020 Feeding kisima Island during COVID19 shutdown
2024 Continue oversight and funding of kisima Island Feeding Program

On Uganda is a charitable program founded by CulturePre (USA); acclaimed for building diversity – friendly people and places across the globe. Since 1999.

In partnership with socially responsible and concerned individuals and organizations, On Uganda funds and develops life-affirming and self-sustaining projects in Uganda East Africa

Building Communities

Building Relationship

Building Bodies

Peter Vogel


On Uganda was formed after CulturePrep’s founder Peter Vogel delivered 1999 keynote address on the topic of peace, unity and hope for the future to 10,000 people at Uganda East Africa’s largest youth rally

Tawnya Rush


Twanya, an Emmy Award wining TV journalist have shared her talents, time and treasured in telling the stories of the incredible people and places in Uganda and beyond since 2008