On Uganda was formed after CulturePrep’s founder Peter Vogel delivered the 1999 keynote address on the topic of peace, unity, and hope for the future to 10,000 people at Uganda East-Africa’s largest youth rally.  He and others have returned to Uganda each subsequent year to build friendships, provide funding for small business development, and promote the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual welfare of Ugandan youth.

During the past 11 years On Uganda Teams have collaborated with a variety of individuals and organizations; including Kiyinda Mityana Diocese Youth Empowerment Project, Uganda Ministry of Disaster Relief, and H.E.L.P. Uganda in:

  • Starting revenue generating small businesses; barber shop, brick building, and taxi service
  • Purchasing cows and bicycles
  • Conducting community outreaches, educate, entertain, and support the population against HIV/AIDS infection through drama and music
  • Purchasing and distributing spiritual support materials
  • Providing food and clothing for orphanages
  • Purchasing and distributing books to schools
  • Funding for school fees, books, and uniform.

Since 2006, On Uganda has focused primarily on assisting H.E.L.P. Uganda and H.E.L.P. International build and develop a Youth Vocation Center in Masese, a slum area of about 24,000 people, near Jinja, the source of the Nile River.  The overall purpose for the Vocational Training Center is to reverse the grave effects of poverty and the total absence of education has brought to the lives of the people of Masese for generations, and produce sustainable development for this generation and ones to come.  Successes and ongoing projects include:

  • Registered organization as a charity and obtained non-governmental status
  • Distribution of relief items shipped on container from USA
  • Opening of first onsite computer lab
  • Establishment of revenue generating greeting card project
  • HIV/AIDS information dissemination
  • Equipment for games and sports activities for the youth
  • Tailor-shop under construction
  • Carpentry-shop under construction
  • Cross-cultural meal sharing between local Muslims and Christians

Time, talents, and treasures have been generously donated by the all-voluntary On Uganda Team, countless individuals, faith-based institutions, and companies/organizations such as Quaker Oats, Build-A-Bear, TargetX, Scripture Research, and Ryland Homes.