Peter A. Vogel, founder and managing director of CulturePrep Inc. is an educator, consultant and noted speaker on advancing cross-cultural relations in education and other industries. He has assisted people and groups around the world in need of a better understanding and appreciation of differences. His experiences led him to design Safe to Relate, CulturePrep’s series of programs and services that build community across cultures. His unique style is hard hitting, reality based, and committed to fostering improved relationships. Vogel’s highlights and experience include:

  • Administered Safe to Relate workshops and mediation services over the past 20 years to schools, businesses, faith-based organizations, and communities seeking a diversity-friendly environment.
  • Equipped over 200 organizations with strategies to affirm diversity
  • Designed and delivered numerous institutional and system-wide Cross Cultural Climate Assessments.
  • Awarded Peacebuilder of the Year by School Mediation Center
  • Featured/Quoted on CBS News, Associated Press, Philadelphia Inquirer, NBC Denver Channel 9, Milwaukee Journal, NBC News, Abilene, TX, NBC KCWY News, WY.
  • Awarded by City of Reading, PA for dedication to fostering cultural awareness and racial harmony
  • Directed worldwide enrollment operations for international multicultural youth leadership and exchange program. Oversaw offices in Brussels, Tokyo, and Denver.
  • Made 17 international trips in three years; and 11 consecutive yearly trips to Africa to fund and develop small businesses.

Watch highlights of CulturePrep’s Founder Peter Vogel impacting cross cultural communities across the world: