Courier Express, DuBois, PA.

“In celebration of Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Penn State DuBois Campus students heard the insight of the late civil rights leader through a presentation by Colorado-based CulturePrep speakers Peter A. Vogel and Frances Eckhardt. Their message was that universal and unconditional love is essential for flourishment anywhere, whether the location may be urban or rural.

After a moment of silence for the slain leader, Vogel and Eckhardt employed personal experiences and visualization devices to demonstrate the necessity of using heart, hands, and head to foster peace.

Casper College Online
Casper, WY

“Judy Shepard, founder of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, will open with “The Legacy of Matthew Shepard.” Shepard will speak from a mother’s perspective and (will) urge audience members to make their schools and communities safer for everyone, regardless of their race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. Since the death of her son, she has made the prevention of hate crimes the focus of her efforts.

Vogel, founder and managing director of CulturePrep Inc., will present a “Safe to Relate” workshop following Shepard. According to Vogel the workshop will incorporate a three-step process of guided self-examination, practical cross-cultural relations skills and the development of an organizational structure to support the advancement of cross-cultural relationships. “Safe to Relate works to foster a better understanding of our cultural biases, maximizing potential relationships.” said Vogel.

Program teaches students around the word to relate

Clear Creek Courant
Idaho Springs, CO

“The streets of the United States are not paved in gold, and despite impoverished conditions in Uganda East Africa, kids there still play on a daily basis. Eradicating such misconceptions about other cultures on both sides of the world is the goal of the Colorado-based organization, CulturePrep. Founder Peter A. Vogel is the messenger; helping Naama Elementary School students in Uganda share their traditions and culture with Grace Christian School students in Clear Creek County

Berks County Cable Television
Reading, PA

Interviewer: “Former university administrator Peter A. Vogel is the president of CulturePrep Inc. His company helps individuals and groups from the public, private and nonprofit sectors improve cross-cultural relationships.”
Interviewer: “Mr. Vogel, how can we begin cross-cultural advancement?”
Peter Vogel: “We begin by acknowledging that a critical need exists for all people to examine their hearts and minds for evidence of cross-cultural insensitivity and respond by being willing to learn practical skills to combat the forces that perpetuate division and intolerance.”

St. Peters College Paper
Jersey City, NJ

On February 12th, Racial and Gender Awareness Week presented its keynote speakers Jennifer Heins and Peter Vogel of CulturePrep Inc. The two explained that communication (listening) is important for cross-cultural relationships. They added that being passive adds to division. Heins suggests that only active attempts to raise awareness will lead to understanding.

Georgian Court College News
Lakewood, NJ

In October, the Student Government Association sponsored an enlightening discussion about interracial relationships on campus. The topic of harmony was introduced by CulturePrep Inc. facilitators, who initiated an in-depth discussion of issues such as, if you heard a derogatory racial statement made at your lunch table, would you react? If there were a cross-cultural conflict in your dorm, what steps would you take to rectify the situation? More general questions were posed on as an effort to promote self-examination.

102.5 FM Radio
Philadelphia, PA

Interviewer: “On Tuesday, February 22, our guest, Peter A. Vogel, cofounder of CulturePrep Inc., will be presenting a workshop at LaSalle University that examines the realities of the multicultural workforce while challenging professionals to scrutinize traditional biases.”

Littleton Independent
Littleton, CO

Differences along cultural, religious, ethnic, economic and social lines can divide neighborhoods, business groups and cities. According to Peter Vogel, owner of CulturePrep, it’s those differences that spurred him to start a business teaching people how to related to each other in spite of differences or past experiences. “I want to have an impact in people’s relationships,” he said,. “to empower people to improve or approach relationships with confidence.” Vogel works with businesses, schools and individuals in workshops designed to address personal, relational and systemic obstacles to relationships.