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Through CulturePrep Inc., people from across the cultural spectrum have been reached with a message of unity. We wanted to know what experiences your cross-cultural facilitators have had with the younger generation, especially among kids of greatly varying ethnic backgrounds.

Interviewer: “What kinds of groups do you work with?”
CulturePrep: “We advance cross-cultural relationships of school-age people through our flagship program, Mission SUCCESS. In addition, we deliver custom programs to corporations, faith-based institutions and community groups.”

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Reds, greens and purples shout from fences for two downtown blocks, but it was hard to tell which was more colorful – the murals or the 400 people creating them. By the time they finished, there were 2,000 hue-filled square feet of paintings and drawings imploring people to unify in a time when factionalism and racism are driving much of our world apart. “We’re not only fighting division but we are celebrating diversity,” said Peter Vogel, co-founder of CulturePrep Inc., host organization of the four-month-long, county-wide mural project.

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In their talk to the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, CulturePrep’s Heins, who is black, and Vogel, who is white, said the university’s Design for Diversity initiative should involve less rhetoric and more direct efforts to bring people from different cultures together. Then they took each other by the hand and declared, “This is diversity!” The gesture generated a burst of applause.