New Program Makes it “Safe-to-Relate”

Schools, businesses and communities to benefit from cross-cultural training.

LITTLETON, CO – CulturePrep, Inc. announced today the launch of a new crosscultural
awareness training initiative called “Safe-to-Relate.” Safe-to-Relate is a handson
program that equips participants with the tools to feel safe around and relate better
to cultural differences: whether it is at school, work or in the community.

“It’s a very different world than the one that most of grew up in,” says company founder and president, Peter Vogel. “Diversity isn’t just something people encounter on overseas trips – It’s in our workplace, our schools and in virtually every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, people are inclined to stereotype and pigeonhole others from
different cultures. Safe-to-Relate works to foster a better understanding of our cultural
biases – maximizing potential relationships.”

Organizations that have faced cross-cultural issues are turning to Vogel’s program for
relief. This month, counselors from eight Littleton elementary schools will participate in
an all-day Safe-to-Relate workshop in order to foster cultural understanding in their
services for students and adults.

“The school district is experiencing a paradigm shift,” says Jill Ingersoll, MSW, and
counselor for Littleton elementary schools. “With the increase of international students
in the classroom, it is very important for us to be aware of our own biases to help our
students understand theirs. We want our kids to be able to see past each other’s
differences and be able to work, play and learn from one another.”

Recently, Vogel engaged a group of 30 Wisconsin corporate, community and education
professionals at a Safe-to-Relate workshop. The experience was described as
enlightening and valuable for all participants.

“This isn’t about ‘touchy-feely’ encounters,” insists Vogel. “This is the new reality of our
diverse culture. And for those that want to get the most out of social interactions,
educational experiences and business transactions, they need to better understand
their neighbors, coworkers and customers.”

CulturePrep’s Safe-to-Relate program incorporates a three-step process: The first step
is one of guided self-examination. Secondly, the program teaches practical crosscultural relations skills. And finally, emphasis is placed on developing an organizational structure that would lend support to the advancement of cross-cultural relationships.

Workshop length varies from a half-day to a three-day retreat.

Originally based outside Philadelphia, CulturePrep has helped such notable
organizations as: LaSalle University; the YWCA, Office of the Mayor, Reading, PA;
KidsPeace National Center for Kids in Crisis; Lancaster Theological Seminary;
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction; as well as others. Vogel has worked
around the world to assist people and groups in need of a better understanding and
appreciation of our differences, including several trips to Uganda East-Africa to assist in
the National Youth Empowerment Initiative.

Based in Littleton, Colorado, CulturePrep, Inc. works with schools, businesses and
communities to advance cross-cultural relationships. For more information about
CulturePrep, Inc. and Safe-to-Relate, visit or call 303.567.2424.