Since 1988, CulturePrep Inc. programs and services have empowered individuals and groups from schools, businesses, faith-based organizations and communities from around the world to overcome the obstacles that threaten meaningful and productive cross-cultural relationships.

From organizing an award-winning multicultural unity mural project involving 25 schools, to conducting a Town Hall Meeting on Race, to delivering a keynote address to 10,000 people at a Uganda East Africa rally; Watch CommUnity video in Africa – CulturePrep educates, inspires, and provides cross-cultural support for its member audience.

Safe to Relate

Safe to Relate is CulturePrep’s cross-cultural advancement system comprised of a series of practical, comprehensive and integrated solutions that address challenges typical to all individuals and groups desiring to cross cultural barriers – race, religion, age, physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender, politics, national origin, physical ability, family status, ideological attitudes, etc.

On Uganda

On Uganda was formed after CulturePrep’s founder Peter A. Vogel delivered the 1999 keynote address on the topic of unity and hope for the future to 10,000 people at Uganda East Africa’s largest youth rally. He and others have returned to Uganda each subsequent year to build friendships and provide funding for small business development.

Featured Coverage

Peter Vogel, the founder of an organization that advances cross-cultural relations in education and other industries, is the keynote speaker at Central Wyoming College’s Convocation.

Deeper Diversity Blog

Real Stories. Real Struggles. Real Solutions.

Featured on Radio: World Footprints

CulturePrep’s founder Peter Vogel joins World Footprints to talk about how CulturePrep has been empowering individuals and groups from around the world to overcome the obstacles that threaten meaningful and productive cross-cultural relationships.

Listen to On Uganda volunteer Tawnya Rush’s radio interview with KLOVE Radio.


Our Mission

On Uganda is a charitable program founded by CulturePrep (USA); acclaimed for building diversity-friendly people and places across the globe.

Since 1999, in partnership with socially responsible and concerned individuals and organizations; On Uganda funds and develops innovative, life-affirming and self-sustaining initiatives in Uganda East Africa.

Corporations and organizations such as Quaker Oats (MN), Build-A-Bear (MO), Target X (PA), Kevin Taylor Restaurants (CO), Scripture Research (CA), Meals In A Rush (MT), SkyPoint Studios (MT), Central City Opera (CO), and Colorado Ballet (CO) – as well as countless generous individuals, have donated time, treasure, and talents to On Uganda initiatives.

Your donation will help:

  1. Feed 1000 children their daily school lunch
  2. Educate and clothe children
  3. Transport supplies
  4. Construct school buildings
  5. Purchase cows and bicycles
  6. Build cross-cultural friendships


Provide 1 student lunch for entire year


Feed an entire Primary School daily meals for 1 week


Sponsor full tuition, daily meal, school uniform, and school supplies


Purchase a cow for village


Be 1 of 10 people to underwrite costs to plant an additional school feeding program

Please donate any other amount to help with our efforts. You will have the option of indicating an individual or group you would like to make the donation in the name of.